Fan Token Research Hub

Welcome to the Chiliz Fan Token research hub, focusing on Fan Tokens issued by Chiliz/Socios.
Welcome to the Fan Token research hub where you will find various information about Fan Tokens minted by the Chiliz Team. Information such as token-economics, token utilities, important metrics (ie token releases) and key links.

New to Fan Tokens?

Fan Tokens are a new digital asset class pioneered by Chiliz. Fan Tokens are a tool that utilize intellectual property of Sports and Entertainment brands to create web3 enabled social communities, they are often seen as social tokens or community tokens in the crypto space.
Fan Tokens are more than a web3 enabler and social asset, they’re the gateway to fan loyalty, rewards and influence.

Where can I use my Fan Token?

The first consumer facing application that supports Fan Tokens was launched in 2019, called Socios.com. Socios allows fans to utilize their Fan Tokens to gain loyalty points which they can redeem for unique rewards, i.e. money can’t buy experiences. Fan Token holders can also vote in club decisions on Socios, allowing them to have their voice heard in a variety of different types of polls.

Does my favourite sports team have a Fan Token?

We suggest checking out either:
  • https://rocket.fan
  • https://fanmarketcap.com
These websites are data trackers that have information on all Fan Tokens currently minted by Chiliz. Note that other issuers of Fan Tokens exist, such as Binance, Paribu, etc. but they may not all have the same utility offering.
To find out more about Chiliz Fan Tokens, check out the links below: https://socios.com - The world’s first blockchain based fan rewards platform. https://chiliz.com - Blockchain and fintech provider for the sports and entertainment industry.
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